KV Partners LLC and its affiliate K. C. Hennessey Associates LLC work with banking, capital markets, asset management, retail and consumer companies to develop, execute and improve products, services and procedures in the global marketplace. We provide assistance to the global structured finance and securitization markets by working with corporations, issuers, underwriters, trustees, bond insurers, collateral managers, and other key market participants. We help clients in all aspects of the financing process, from evaluating securitization strategies to implementation of highly complex securitization transactions. In addition, the partnership participates in venture capital and direct investments.
Acting as a bridge between information and execution, we advise global clients considering country-specific investments. Our network of relationships enables us to analyze and develop business plans, connect client with all relative agencies and institutions in public, private and financial services, and introduce and develop applications for the global marketplace.

The Non-Proliferation Trust ("NPT") was created to privately finance and administer funding for critical non-proliferation, environmental, and humanitarian initiatives in Russia. (LINK)
Development, marketing and distribution of a functional, subscription-based research tool for trade and investment in Russia (LINK)